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Varvara Voetskova (b. 1985, Moscow/USSR) is a visual artist who works in drawing and painting mediums. Oil paint, tempera, graphite, and acrylic are among the traditional and modern art materials she employs.  As a person who was raised in a continuously changing social and economic environment of Post-Soviet Russia, Varvara is drawn to the timelessness of Sacred art of various origins, from icons to architecture. Another important source of inspiration and discovery of new meanings for her is the literature of absurd and satire. In her work, Varvara combines her appreciation for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail with extensive knowledge of art history and a drive for experiments. A graduate of a theater school, she brought her interest in working with three-dimensional space on stage "to directing" her two-dimensional "plays" on canvas and paper. In her work, Varvara examines human nature as it manifests itself in anecdotic, folly, and tragical scenes of everyday life, reoccurring historical happenings, archetypal characters, mythologies, games, and surrounding spaces.


Studio Incumminati, Philadelphia 


The Florence Academy of Art, New Jersey


Grand Central Atelier, Long Island


Grand Central Atelier, Long Island


Grand Central Atelier, Long Island


The Art Students League of New York, NYC


University of the Arts London, Moscow


Cinemotion lab, Moscow


Dmitry Krymov theater laboratory, Moscow


Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Moscow


Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, Moscow


TSEKH Contemporary  Dance Center, Moscow


Moscow Art Theater School, Moscow

Diploma of Fine Art, Painting, and Drawing.

A full-time program led by Jordan Sokol, Amaya Gurpide, Jafang Lu, Kerry Dunn, and Aidan Barker-Hill. May 4th-July 17th, Philadelphia, PA.

Master's Degree equivalent diploma. Painting, Drawing, and Anatomy.

A full-time program led by Jordan Sokol, Amaya Gurpide, Cornelia Herness, Stephen Bauman, Will St. John, and Edmond Rochat. January 8th-March 20th

'Essential Landscape Painting' workshop.

A class with Ken Salaz. 13th-July 16th, Sleepy Hollow, New York.   

'Traditional Landscape Painting' workshop.

A class with Thomas Kegler. July 11th-July 12th, Central Park, New York.  

Still life painting workshop.

A class with Dale Zinkowski. April 15th - May 20th. 

Drawing, Painting, and Anatomy classes.

The classes with Greg Kreutz, Frank Porcu, Leonid Gervitz, and Doug Safranek. September-December.

'Orientation to Art & Design', Fine Arts classes.

October 1st-November 4th.

'How to write a book, Fiction writing course.

A class with Mikhail Vizel. January 28th - March 3rd. 

An introductory course, Stage design.

A part-time scenography class with Dmitry Krymov, Vera Martynova, and Maria Tregubova. September- December.

An introductory course, Storyboarding.

A part-time storyboarding class with Viсtor Monetov. One month long. 

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Acting.

A full-time program lead by Vladimir Dolgorukhov, Marina Kaidalova, Vera Kamishnikova, Victor Abramov, and Boris Morozov.

'Summer dance school', Contemporary choreography.

Part-time classes with Sylvain Prunenec, Henry Montes, Ilanit Tadmor, Jacques van Eijden, Natanja dan Boeft, Alexandra Kon'nikova, Albert Albert, Tatyana Gordeeva, Daria Buzovkina, and Mikhail Ivanov. July and August.

An introductory course, Acting. 

A weekend course with Mikhail Zemtsov. September-June.

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